ObSAS Situational Awareness, Environmental monitoring, CBRN monitoring, NBC, Radiation detection, Hazmat systems, Observis, CBRN Detection, Critical infrastructure monitoring, industrial safety, workplace security


ObSAS - New level of situational awareness

ObSAS is engineered and produced utilizing the latest tools and technologies for software development and system architecture design. The private cloud system architecture of ObSAS provides limitless and cost effective scalability. Scaling system up means only adding hardware and devices. Since the system can be delivered on all COTS hardware and devices, the lifecycle cost of ObSAS is extremely competitive compared to any similar system.


The user interface of ObSAS is platform free and scales to be run on laptops, handhelds and mobile devices. It is designed to provide the operator with immediate,  extremely clear and self-explanatory operational picture during missions and under stressful conditions. This is achieved by displaying only the most critical information in the main view

More detailed data can be easily unfolded by click of a mouse since the information within ObSAS user interface is arranged in layers. The operator can easily switch between layers to find the information needed at any time.

Thanks to the intuitive and easy operation of the user interface, the operator training phase during the commissioning of the system is very short, thus contributing to the low lifecycle cost.

ObSAS scales up to any Situational Awareness System requirement.
From single vehicle system to facility and even nationwide monitoring systems.

ObSAS Cases

Example cases how ObSAS can be implemented to enhance situation awareness of a mission critical system or infrastructure

case cbrn recce quicklink

case oil refinery quicklink