ObSAS Situational Awareness, Environmental monitoring, CBRN monitoring, NBC, Radiation detection, Hazmat systems, Observis, CBRN Detection, Critical infrastructure monitoring, industrial safety, workplace security

ObSAS situational awareness for industry
Situational Awareness for chemical industry
ObSAS Situational Awareness for harbors and ports
Harbor and port safety monitoring
ObSAS Situational Awareness for harbors and ports
Airport and travel safety
ObSAS Situational Awareness for harbors and ports
CBRN safety and monitoring

The most advanced SAS system

ObSAS is the most advanced and refined SAS system in the market.
It is years ahead of other similar services.

Everything from the responsivenes of the user interface to customizability has been designed with modern mindset.

Seamless integration

The quality of information depends on the technology and systems providing it.

With ObSAS you are free to choose the best technologies to provide the most accurate and pertinent operational picture according to your operational requirements.

Full turn-key solution

With more than two decades of experience in critical system deliveries combined with smart application of modern technologies provides us with the capacity to deliver systems meeting customer needs exactly from existing system upgrades to new installations.

Complete scalable system

The ObSAS system is fully scalable and customizable. Whether you are looking for a LSAS solution or a system platform for a nationwide sensor network, ObSAS provides you with state-of-the-art situational awareness.

Responsive & Reactive

The ObSAS user interface is unlike anything else on the market. It’s been designed and realized with latest tools and guidelines for responsiveness, scalability and usability.

The same UI can be scaled for any environment and for any situational awareness requirement.



One unique feature of ObSAS is the eMaintenance. You can pre-define all the maintenance procedures the integrated devices require and their maintenance will be managed and logged via ObSAS. The system will inform you on the needed spare parts and create checklists for your maintenance personnel to ensure effective use of all the devices.

Every action is logged to the system and can be easily searched and analyzed to predict and minimize costs and system down time.